THE BEAUTY OF SHARING WHAT YOU KNOW – By Tony Moran, Video Marketing Director

To some degree, we all have the concern that we’re not as good as we’d like to be. Or perhaps we’re  insecure because we compare ourselves to some kind of “giant” in our respective field. I, being a student of video and film as well as a creative person in general, am certainly guilty of both of these.
You always want to aspire to be like someone or replicate a style that you like. You try to integrate what you can into your work, but sometimes it just doesn’t fit. This can be really discouraging and sadly… I don’t have the answer to this issue.The one bit of advice I am able to offer is tosimply ride the feeling out. Ride it long enough until there there comes a moment when somebody asks you “Hey, would you mind if i pick your brain a little bit?”
It just so happened that a few weeks ago, I had someone ask me just that. I was a bit surprised that this person was getting into video production because I was unaware that she had any interest in it to begin with and I hadn’t heard from her in years.
Nonetheless, this unexpected inquiry was immediately followed by me asking myself, “why on earth would she ask me?”. The shock didn’t stop there. To my very pleasant surprise, her work was actually very good considering the amount of time and equipment she had invested into it. For several weeks she bombarded me with questions seeking advice on gear, editing, software… anything and everything she had already played with or knew she would someday need.
She was an eager sponge dying to learn how to better herself and as time went, by our emails and Facebook messages began to slow down. I found myself simultaneously proud and humbled. Assuming she had sucked out as much information as she could out of me, for the time being, I felt I played an integral part in being able to assist her in her wonderful journey of discovering her new passion for video as so many people like myself once did when I started out several years ago.
You tend to forget where you’ve been because you focus so much on where you want to go. Along the way, it gets very easy to compete internally with others while ignoring everyone else on your quest for “video glory.”
Often times I’ve heard the age old adage that the best way to learn something, is to teach it. I found this to be incredibly true as my friend challenged me in ways I’m sure she was completely unaware of. Her incredibly insatiable and absorbent attitude reminded me that this is where an invaluable source of fuel to continually create and to challenge yourself comes from.
I feel the need to clarify though. I love what I do and the company I do it for, but I’ve discovered a need to maintain several creative outlets and the beauty of pouring into as many of them as possible and as often as possible. I find that going “hammer” in one area can wear you out, but if you can bounce back and forth from one,two, or however many you choose,, creative stimulation somehow bleeds into them all.
I’ve found myself wanting to push boundaries once again and tackling ambitious projects in ways I would have previously avoided for lack of drive or timidity of a challenge.
Striving for creativity and being creative are two very different things that often go hand and hand, but may not be quite as sustainable when separated. I think that doing one thing for too long can desensitize you in a way and it makes things fuzzy enough to forget why you wanted to begin doing them in the first place.
I felt incredibly honored that my friend thought of me and seemed to take my advice into account. This made me realize that I had a lot more to offer than any credit I would have ever given myself. I think she encouraged me more than I encouraged her. She still had that excited urge to capture everything and turn anything into something of her own. Admittedly, it’s a little shameful to admit that the spark in my passion for video has not diminished since I started but certainly evolved and shifted into something I struggled to recognize.
Editing and creating daily for other people and organizations the way THEY think it should be done can be a quite taxing creatively. Her absorption of the words I had to offer made me realize the incredibly long way I’ve come and of that, I’m not at all ashamed.
Your approach and your enthusiasm will constantly go through change and adjustment according to style, taste, preference, trends and a million other variables, but as long as your growing, you can’t lose. For me, it had simply been a while since I stepped back for a little perspective that allowed me a few moments of not being obsessed with my destination so that I could look back and enjoy the journey that got me here. The passion that got you to where you are, will get you to where you want to be.


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