Standing or Sitting? The Art to Reading Television Poses

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Standing or Sitting? The Art to Reading Television Poses

Film and TV are sometimes dismissed as brainless activities. But, we’re here to argue that there’s more to watching than just consuming. Let’s talk about ‘reading’ the TV screen. Particularly, what does it mean when an actor or speaker is sitting down vs. standing up?

A standing person is more accessible.

Think about the camera as if it’s your eye. You are looking at what the director tells you to look at. He is directing your ‘eye’. So, when you are eye-level with the actor, as it is in most commercials, the director is trying to make the audience feel at ease with the actor. Think about it, when a woman is standing in a kitchen for a commercial, and she looks directly into the camera to sell you a smoothie machine, her eyes are generally at the same level of the camera. It looks just the same as when we have a conversation with someone standing up. It is a tried and true method of making the audience trust the speaker and increasing product sales. Which is why most kitchen commercials tend to look exactly alike.

Then, what about when the actor sits down?

This can be used multiple ways. And the different options for this shot make it a favorite here at Diemer Group. If the camera is at eye-level with the actors, then it brings an even comfier feeling to the shoot. Just recently, Diemer Group used this approach to explain their video marketing [put a link to the video here]. It feels as though the actors or speakers have invited you into a personal meeting, or into their living room! Throw around a football, discuss marketing, make a friend. General audiences also watch TV and videos sitting down, so it gives the feeling that the audience and speakers are sitting together.


But, this can also be used to create uneasiness with the audience. Think about that all-time classic The Godfather. In the famous opening scene, the Godfather is sitting down, but we don’t feel as though he’s approachable. What’s different about that shoot? The camera. The camera is raised, not eye-level, and is looking down on the Godfather. We have not been invited to sit with him. Instead, we are like his minions surrounding him, not resting.


So, whether you want to impress your future customers with your Godfather-like powers or your relatable business plans, contact Diemer Group to discuss your future video promo. We will see to it that your video marketing represents you just as you want to be represented.


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