The MINT Difference isn’t just one thing. It’s many things. Thier luxurious dental centers were created by a world famous designer and tell you that MINT is a new kind of dentist. When you walk in the door, their super friendly staff stands up to greet you. Then there are the MINT touches: Relaxing massage chairs. Awesome sounding Beats headphones. New iPads. Hip MINT sunglasses. Flat screen TVs. And most important, there is the extraordinary quality, care and craftsmanship of each MINT Dentist.


MINT uses leading edge technology that other dentists either can’t afford or can’t afford the time to learn how to use. The quality of their materials – from crowns, to fillings, to veneers, to implants is the highest available. If you don’t think there’s a difference in dentists, you need to learn more about MINT dentistry.

The Results