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Dallas Dentistry Making Dreams Come True

As children we grow up listening to short stories that make everything seem right and good. A fair maiden who has to clean all the dirty floors, but then her fairy godmother shows up and gives her a smokin’ dress, and then she goes to the ball and meets a prince; everything is pretty much uphill after that, so the story ends.

Let’s not forget the stories men who have all the strength in the world and rush giant castles to rescue villagers. But as we grow older we realize that fairly tales aren’t real life. People don’t have fairy godmothers, not even the fair maidens. Most of us will never be invited to a meet and greet with a prince. And we also (hopefully) realize that running around a city wielding a sword is probably not the best way to be a hero.

Growing up means we start recognizing that the world isn’t all about magic falling in our laps, and somewhere along the way, we stop believing in fairy tales and heroes. But the truth is, there are still many heroes out there. We actually have a hero right here in Dallas; his name is Dr. Field Harrison.

Keep Smiling Promise

Dr. Harrison is a dentist and the founder of MINT Dentistry, which has several locations around Dallas and Houston. In addition to his clinic, he continually runs a campaign called the Keep Smiling Promise. The promotion is a social good campaign that sponsors combat veterans who have sustained gum or teeth injuries while on the field. At no cost to the veteran, Dr. Harrison through MINT donates and operates on the veteran.

When we began working with Dr. Harrison, we were introduced to Mark Boyd, a former U.S. Navy Petty Officer who had lost his front teeth due to an explosion while overseas. Hearing how uncomfortable Mark’s life had been since his injuries was absolutely heartbreaking. Without his front teeth, even the simplest pleasure of kissing his wife was taken from him. Through MINT’s  Keep Smiling Promise and the work of Dr. Harrison, Mr. Boyd was given a second chance at life with a full set of brand new veneers. Now not only does Mark Boyd feel comfortable with his smile, he can also kiss his wife whenever he wants.

Campaign of Hope

So you see, fairy tales and heroes do exist, and they probably live right around the corner from you. Diemer Group specializes in cause marketing and we help businesses market their social good causes. In our modern world, anyone can be a hero. Dr. Harrison decided to use his skills, education, and business to give back to people who need exactly what he is able to give. If you own your own business, consider how you might be able to give back to your community. Each one of us has the ability to give and change someone’s life for the better. You can be someone’s hero. If you are interested in how your business might be able to develop a social cause and change your community for the better, let us help guide your business strategies to make the most of your social story.


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