For Momentum: Providing Cause Marketing Solutions Before It was Cool

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For Momentum: Providing Cause Marketing Solutions Before It was Cool

For Momentum is a Cause Marketing Agency based in Atlanta, Georgia. Mollye Rhea founded the agency in 2003. As of the year 2015, For Momentum is a top 5 nationally ranked Cause Marketing Agency. Clearly Mollye Rhea and For Momentum have done a lot of legwork over the last twenty years in promoting the advantages of collaborations between corporations and nonprofits. Their hard work has laid the groundwork for many agencies, even those that are not specifically dedicated to Cause Marketing strategies, but offer it as a side service knowing that Cause Marketing is a sought after service.

Cause Marketing has been around for quite a while now. Although the exact history of Cause Marketing isn’t known 100%, there are many individuals who have been involved in the growth and history of Cause Marketing for many years. Those individuals also helped the development of Cause Marketing into the several branches it is today: Corporate Social Responsibility, and most recently Corporate Social Innovation. One such individual who has been around for a while is Joe Waters; he started the online blog Selfish Giving in 2004. In an attempt to assist in telling the history of Cause Marketing, Waters created this wonderful infographic.

As you can see, For Momentum has been involved in Cause Marketing from the very beginning. Mollye and her team have championed and cleared the way for Cause Marketing agencies for many years. If you’re interested in learning more about Cause Marketing, you can download one of Mollye’s free Cause Marketing 101 webinars. There are two workshop options designed for corporate executives and another specifically for nonprofit executives. For Momentum also offers a variety of other free resources and research to bolster your cause marketing knowledge; all of which is available on their website. Their blog is also a wealth of relevant and useful information for individuals working in the marketing industry. We at Diemer Group are very thankful to have the opportunity to recently connect with Mollye Rhea and For Momentum, and look forward to the education and insight we will receive in a field we are so passionate about. We appreciate your determination to continually be a pioneer in the world of cause marketing, For Momentum!


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