3 Ways to Take Great Team Photos

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3 Ways to Take Great Team Photos

Our Bishop Arts Adventure

We won’t deny any accusations of being biased, but we did just take the best team photos ever at the Bishop Arts District in Dallas. Since we’ve become so great at team photos, I thought we’d be qualified to give you some well thought out tips that could help as you attempt to take the second greatest team photos ever.

3 and a Half Tips

1. Eat Breakfast

Outings are fun! They’re like grown up versions of field trips. Use your team photoshoot as an opportunity to enjoy time with each other outside of the office. Eating or grabbing coffee together is a great way to start or finish your photos. We chose to eat an early breakfast at Oddfellows in Bishop Arts District. Getting together beforehand also helps with any jitters anyone may have about getting their pictures snapped. Modeling is a tough gig, after all, so make sure you relax and enjoy the whole photo-shoot experience!

2. Find a Photographer

One of the perks we enjoy here at Diemer Group is that we have our own videographer/photographer. Thanks for taking our team pictures Tony! Don’t skimp on your favorite people (assuming that your team is full of your faves); make sure you get great pictures! Hiring a professional will help get the finished look you will want to share. Ask around for a photographer who will make your team comfortable, and get the expert shots you need.

3. Be Yourself

Don’t actually be yourself, but be your team. Pictures are a great opportunity to show how your team interacts as a whole, not individually. This means attire, location, and shots should incorporate how you wish your team to be viewed by your customer. Be sure to ask yourself this question before photos: Are we thoughtful and hardworking? Are we personable and fun? Are we creative and flexible? We’ll let you guess what we decided for our team persona.

Bonus Tip! (This may or may not be feasible)

Don’t live in Texas and take pictures in the summer. You may know this already, but it’s HOT. We started our pictures at 9am; it had already warmed up to over 95 degrees by 10am! If you find yourself living in Texas, try to plan your photo shoot in the fall. Learn from us.

We chose to take our pictures at Bishop Arts District because it’s a local area with lots of really great walls and murals. Stay tuned because we will be sharing more about our team photos soon in a guest post with ILiveInDallas.com! Where are some favorite areas in your city for photos?



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