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Story behind Sophie Lemon’s

Sophie Lemon’s is a fictional enterprise based on a three-year-old’s backyard project. The Sophie Lemon’s project was created by the Diemer Group team to showcase the different services that we offer as a marketing agency. In doing so it also exhibits the â behind the scenes glimpse of our creative marketing process. Our aim at Diemer Marketing Group is to show that great results are possible when you combine passionate people with passionate creators.

We believe in walking out the full process step by step to achieve the best results possible for your brand and company, starting from the very first creative brief meeting.

We believe in the power of passionate people, and our job is to match that same passion by using our own resources and abilities to help spread their brand and story. When you partner with us, we are becoming a part of your story as well, because the way your story gets told is just as important as how far the message goes.

We are passionate about taking your business to the next level through campaign development, communication strategies, customer retention programs, and building your brand and content. We have a full production team that specializes in video marketing, digital media marketing, content services, SEO optimization, and custom blog and social media campaign services, site management, and video brochures to name a few.

Having these resources at your disposal is vital, but we realize that the best results happen when these resources complement the existing passion and effort that our clients put into their business. In a way, this promo video is also a way of acknowledging the hard work and passion of all the people we get to work with and we felt Sophie’s Lemonade Stand could be the perfect representation of that genuine passion.


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