How To Steal Without Being A Thief

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How To Steal Without Being A Thief

How do you have inspirations without plagiarizing their work?

There’s movies, designs, and writing always available to us. In a few clicks, we can find something enviable and not well known to imitate. But, we’re cutting ourselves way short. Here’s a few ways to  better ‘steal like an artist’.

Usually we’re grasping for things to imitate because we’re in a creative slouch. It’s so hard to think up words! And shots! and designs! What exactly do you say here? How should I film it? What design would be best? At Diemer Group, we believe that the best way to overcome a creative slouch is to ‘eat’ more.

Gary Paulson, the famous novelist, said that if you want to be a good writer ‘you have to read like a wolf eats’. This rule applies for everything. You want to be a good graphic designer? You have to consume all the art work you can get your eyes on. A good video editor? Study all the movies that you love, and then some.

By ‘studying’ more, you’ll have more art in your head when it comes time to produce something.

But if you want to be great, you’ll need to figure out why you like the art that you do. Certain art just jumps out at us. Figure out what the writing says, what the movie director is trying to get across, and then see if you want to say something similar, or something different. For example, Wes Anderson’s color palette is exceptional, but you might want to film a crime drama. Or Dos Equis commercials generally have witty writing, but you might need to film something more informational. Figure out what you need to say and use your inspirations to hone how to say it.

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