Philipiak Milano cookware is beloved throughout Europe, Asia, Australia, and now the United States. Sold in the US exclusively through our team of independent sales Ambassadors, we are not only changing lives through better nutrition, but also creating economic opportunity for our Ambassadors. We are passionate about making a difference in the lives of people everywhere.


Philipiak Milano’s mission is to help people live healthier lives by helping them cook simple and delicious meals using whole foods.

The Results

Dating back to 1947, the history of the production of the finest cookware in the world by the Garavaglia family in Italy is an extraordinary example of elevating everyday activities to the ranks of art. The Philipiak Milano brand has become synonymous with luxury and a higher standard of living throughout Europe and around the world.

For centuries, Milan, Italy, has been a center of art and culture. To this day, few cities in the world represent the heart of old-world Italy, even Europe, like Milan does. In 1947, the Garavaglia family began crafting beautiful cookware that was practically art itself, embodying the very heart of the community where it was made.