Evolv Health

Evolv Health

Who is Evolv?

The Evolv “Change Your Life, Change the World™” Mission is to eradicate childhood malnutrition by enabling millions to Reboot their health using our proprietary line of advanced nutritional products. This mission is powered by
our revolutionary Social Business 3.0 model that sustainably funds our Buy 1, Nourish 2™ giving initiative, while richly rewarding those who choose to champion our cause.

Our giving is built around the sales of our product line, which fuel the production and distribution of our proprietary “HOPE Blend” powder, serving for serving. HOPE Blend is a top quality, whole food nutrition blend — the same exact formula found in our Evolv LifeBar and Evolv Daily products — and provides 100% of the recommended daily allowance of the key micronutrients needed for good health in a single serving per day. Manna Relief, our distribution partner, works directly with orphanages in countries around the world to provide this nutrient blend powder, which is having a dramatic, sometimes life-saving impact on the children who receive it.

Illustration by: Diemer Group