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Color Psychology



“Color is a universal, nonverbal language, and we all intuitively know how to speak it.” -Leslie Harrington, color consultant in Old Greenwich, Connecticut [1]


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Everybody has a favorite color. These colors are socially as well as culturally dictated. For example, blues and greens tend to be the favorites of young boys, but reds and earthy tones tend to be the favorites of grown men. Furthermore, colors are seasonal. A trending color in fall will not be a trending color in Spring. [2] So how do you decide what colors to assign to your company? The design department at Diemer Group has three tips.

1. What is the purpose of your company? 

An emergency service will often use bright yellows in their uniforms and branding. This ensures that they can be seen in any emergency situation. But it also elevates blood pressure and attentiveness of those who look at it.[3] Whereas, a home decor company will often opt for granulated grays, warm reds, and deep browns. These earthy tones convey a cozy sensation to the viewer, as it reminds them of woodland and homely places.[4] So, decide what your company’s audience should feel before you venture on to choosing a token color—leading us to the next point.

2. Do you want to keep people alert or make them feel at home?

In your company’s plan, are you attempting to shock viewers with your innovation or lure them into your tried-and-tested expertise? These two different aims will lead you to opposite sides of the color scale. Color is separated into three main points: red, green, and blue. An alert color will tend to the red and yellow side of the scale, maybe even moving over into green. A comforted audience will be on the bottom half of the circle—in the deep purples, blues, and browns.

3. Lastly, make certain your graphic designer knows their stuff.

Are you being adequately taken care of with your graphic design and logo coloring? An expert graphic designer will have an instinctive way with color-marketing and logo design. Contact us with questions about your company’s logo and design! We love talking through questions and details so that you don’t have to figure it all out by yourself.








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