Are Logos Dead?

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Are Logos Dead?

Logos and brands have been a part of human history for as far back as we can trace. There has been some recent speculation, though, that the use of logos in the business world is going to disappear.[1][2] Businesses will no longer use logos. But, at Diemer Group, we find that a little laughable, for a few reasons:


“A logo has meaning because it draws on centuries of signs and symbols (including the alphabet) in human literary and visual language.” [3]

A logo is a glorified symbol that tells customers exactly who you are. It gives them a sense of what sort of business you conduct (are you sports, news, or construction?) and the design of the logo tells them you’re a company established enough to have good marketing. But more than that, logos have a long-standing history in helping customers choose the right companies.

Brand Recognition:

Used to be, that the everyday man couldn’t read. Brands and logos were actually the working man’s alphabet. Needed a butcher? Look for something like this: 


Needed a pint? Something like this would catch your eye.


Each vocation had a brand that helped customers know where to go for services. Of course, the modern man can read basic signs, so logos and brands are not used in exactly the same way. But a logo helps customers recognize what your company does. And in the long run, helps them recognize you.

If we were to play word association, and I said “Just Do It”, you would reply “Nike”. Household names are not often made by the quality of their products, they are made by the inventiveness of their marketing. Creating a quality brand and logo is the surest way to ensure customers recognize your company. And so we continue the time-tested tradition of a customer picking a company because of their symbols.

But, here’s the clencher. Logos are not enough to create a monopoly. You need a comprehensive marketing plan so that your company develops an audience base. But, logos are an incredibly important tool in that process. Contact us to see if Diemer Group is the right company to help your logo and marketing plan to the next level.

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